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FPGA Based Project Ideas

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    FPGA Based Project Ideas

    • Security Login System Based on FPGA
    • FPGA Based Digital Hearing AID CHIP
    • An FPGA Based Real Time Image Feature Extraction Architecture
    • FPGA Based Design & Implementation of Mp4 Decoders
    • FPGA Based Traffic Signal Control System Design and Implementation
    • FPGA based High Frequency Carrier Generation for Pulse Compression Using Cordic Algorithm
    • Programmable Logic Block Design and Synthesis with Macro gate and Mixed LUT
    • Application Specific Instruction Set Processor Design, Implementation, and Study for a Specific DSP Task
    • Synchronization Unit  Design and Implementation for WCDMA Uplink Receiver
    • FPGA Implementation of FFT Algorithm for IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX)
    • FPGA Based Designing of  GPS (Global Possitioning System)-GSM (Global Systems for Mobiles) Mobile Navigator
    • Space Vector PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for Three-Level Converters: a LabVIEW Implementation
    • Design and Implementation of Programmable Multi Processor platform for High Performance Embedded Processing
    • High Performance Processor Optimization Extension and Improving for FPGAs
    • Field Oriented Control Development and Evaluation using LabVIEW FPGA
    • Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis in FPGAs
    • Design and Program Multi-Processor Platform for High-Performance Embedded Processing
    • Design and Integration of Space exploration of Field Programmable Counter Arrays Using FPGA
    • An FPGA Implementation of the Icecube Telescope for Neutrino Track Detection
    • Image Interpolation of 3D Display in Firmware
    • MIMO Sphere System Architecture and Implementation
    • Superscalar Power Efficient FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Architecture
    • linear feedback shift Register (LFSR)  Power optimization  for low power BIS
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